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Patriotic Craft ~ 4th of July Firework Painting

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firework painting

4th of July Firework Painting Craft

HOLY COW it is almost the 4th of July ALREADY!!!!! Time seems to be flying around here! So I wanted to do something we could put up on the wall as a decoration and decided to make fireworks. I experimented with just painting them with paint brushes but that did not work out too well with my 3 year old. He just couldn’t get straight lines!

I hunted around on Pinterest and found that you could use folded pipe cleaners to make the firework design. LIGHTBULB! Why did I not think of that? Oh well now we had the idea and I just had to put it into action!

firework painting


Paint in red, white, and blue

Foam or paper plate for paint

Pipe cleaners – 4 for each child

Large paper

Glitter (optional)

firework painting

First bundle the 4 pipe cleaners and fold them in half. Then twist the bottom half to make a handle of sorts.

firework painting

Next hold the handle part and fold out the untwisted ends to make an octopus. You may not see an octopus but that’s what I see!

firework painting

Pour puddles of the paint onto your plate for easy dipping. Dip the firework stamp into the paint making sure all of the bottom is covered. Stamp onto paper until the paper is covered!

firework painting

When the paper is pretty full of the fireworks sprinkle on silver glitter for an extra pop!

No not even stamp will make a perfect firework shape but it is a fun craft and I took the time to talk to the boys about why we celebrate the 4th of July. I really like using craft time as education time! Come back and let us know how your fireworks painting went!

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I am a mom of two hyper boys and a nurse. I work outside the home part time doing home health. I love my job but I love being home with my boys as well. It is hard to find the balance between it all!
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